• These Rules (as defined in paragraph 2 below) are between SDGC Limited whose registered office is at 8-10 South Street, Epsom, Surrey, England KT18 7PF and whose registered company number is 14065876 (‘the Leatherhead Club’) and the individual whose application for services at the Leatherhead Club has been formally accepted by the Leatherhead Club subject always to that individual’s acceptance of, compliance with and conformity to these Rules and the payment of the Subscription and Fees (both as defined in paragraph 2.1 below) (‘the Member’).
    • This document sets out the rules, principles, regulations, byelaws, code of conduct, charter and laws which govern the use of the Leatherhead Club property and facilities (including the car park, the Clubhouse, the golf course, driving range and/or any other space, provision, resource, amenity or equipment situate) at Kingston Road Leatherhead KT22 0EE (‘the Course‘) by the Member and the conditions which the Member must abide by in order to be and continue to be a Member of the Leatherhead Club (‘the Rules’).
    • These Rules may be amended, updated, embellished and/or changed to any degree, at any time, in the absolute discretion of the Leatherhead Club and without recourse to the Member. Reference in this document to Rules shall be deemed to refer to any alterations, amendments and additions to them as may be made by the Leatherhead Club from time to time.  Any changes will be notified to the Member by notice on the Members hub and it is the Member’s responsibility to check the Rules (as so notified) for any changes.
    • On payment of the Fees and the Subscription a Member becomes entitled to the benefits and privileges of membership including the use and enjoyment of the Course and the Clubhouse and such payments shall be deemed to be agreement to the following Rules and byelaws and to any alterations and additions thereto, which may be made from time to time.
    • The grant of, or renewal of any membership is at the Leatherhead Club’s sole discretion and where practicable the Leatherhead Club will aim to give the Member notice of their intention not to renew any Membership 3 months in advance of the expiry of the then current 12 month period. The rules concerning candidates for membership are contained in paragraph 6.
    • There shall be such categories of Membership as the Leatherhead Club may from time to time decide.
    • All correspondence, complaints, dealing and management of the services provided to the Members will be undertaken by, and all Members should address any and all communications, requests, applications and queries to, an authorised representative of the Leatherhead Club who is appointed by the Leatherhead Club at their sole discretion from time to time, and this individual will be known as the Director of Golf. The name and contact details of the Director of Golf will be notified to the Members from time to time whether by way notice posted in the Clubhouse or otherwise.
    • The Director of Golf may be dismissed only by the directors of the Leatherhead Club.
    • The Leatherhead Club has sole financial control of the club and shall decide in their sole discretion the number of Members, the level of any registration fee, entrance fee, green fees and/or the levy (‘Fees’) and the Subscription. In these Rules ‘Subscription’ shall mean the annual fee payable by the Member under and in accordance with these Rules.
    • Subscriptions are for a fixed minimum period of 12 months and regardless of the method and time of payment agreed between the Leatherhead Club and the Member, the full Subscription becomes due and payable as soon as the individual becomes a Member following a completion of a successful membership application and then again at the start of each of the following consecutive 12 month periods that the individual continues to enjoy Membership.
    • Acceptance by the Leatherhead Club as a Member is subject to and conditional at all times upon the prompt and timely payment in full by the Member of the Subscription.
    • The Subscription is non-refundable. Whether the Member remains a Member for the whole of the relevant 12 month period, the full Subscription remains due and payable by the Member to the Leatherhead Club.  There is no opportunity to freeze or cancel the Subscription unless the Leatherhead Club agree upon application by the relevant Member in very special circumstances and at the Leatherhead Club’s sole discretion.
    • Subscriptions may be paid monthly by direct debit or annually as selected by the Member on the Membership application Form, subject to any applicable administration charges. Once the method and timing of payment of the Subscription has been selected any late or non-payment in accordance with that selection will be deemed as late payment and the Leatherhead Club shall suspend the Member’s membership (which includes the Member’s access to the Course and the Clubhouse) unless or until all late and non-payments have been received in full by the Leatherhead Club in cash or cleared funds together with any administrative charges which may be due.
    • A Member who has not paid their Subscription prior to the period to which the membership relates shall cease to be a Member.
    • Members shall be liable to pay for Subscriptions during any absence abroad or during sickness unless otherwise agreed by the Leatherhead Club upon application and any suspension or waiver of the Subscription will be at the Leatherhead club’s sole discretion. Agreement by the Leatherhead Club to waive any Subscription charges on one occasion will not oblige the Leatherhead Club to agree further or additional waivers in the future whether or not the Member considers the circumstances to be the same or similar to those prevailing when the Leatherhead Club granted the earlier waiver or suspension of the Subscription.
    • Subscriptions, joining fees, and all other one-off payments connected with Membership have no cash equivalent, cannot be exchanged for anything else and are not refundable, whether or not the Member leaves of their own volition or their Membership is terminated by the Leatherhead Club (whether for misconduct, non or late payment of the Subscription or any other Fees or otherwise).
    • Refunds of Subscriptions of the relevant Fees, in part or in whole, will not be granted by the Leatherhead Club due to bad or extreme weather conditions, whether or not the condition of the green prevents the course being played and/or the Leatherhead Club closes the green due to bad or extreme weather.
    • All bills incurred by Members shall be paid before leaving the Clubhouse on the day incurred.
    • Members whose expenditure on levy items exceeds their levy balance will be subject to an administration charge at the discretion of the Director of Golf.
    • All memberships are personal to that Member and may not be transferred to any other person.
    • The Leatherhead Club is committed to providing an environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and intimidation for Members, employees and guests.
    • Members, guests and visitors are all reminded that an acceptable standard of behavior is expected in all areas of the Leatherhead Club’s premises and Course, at all times and that upon payment of Subscription, Fees or Green Fees, all Members, guests and visitors have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties which may be imposed for any breach of these Rules.
    • Members will be liable for any breach committed whether by themselves or their guests.
    • Whilst fully acknowledging that adult “banter” contributes to creating a healthy atmosphere among Members, these rules are designed to safeguard others who find such banter offensive or intimidating. These Rules are not intended to create a bureaucratic, regulatory environment, but rather to promote and enhance our collective values.
    • A person engaging in any behavior that may be detrimental to the game of golf or to Leatherhead Club is in breach of the code of conduct and should be reported to the Director of Golf. It is in the best interests of the game that such behavior is reported, and all players, members and members of the public are encouraged and have a duty to report such behavior.
    • There may be a Competition Committee from time to time which may consist of up to ten elected Members. The elected shall be the Club Captain, Lady Captain, Competition Secretary, Veteran Capitan, Honorary Treasurer, President and up to four Members. The Competition Committee and Director of Golf shall be responsible for member’s golf, handicaps and social events.
    • The Competition Committee may suggest to the Leatherhead Club an annual charge to be paid by all Members as a contribution to a Members’ Fund (such charge to be paid at the same time and in the same manner as the Subscription) to assist in financing of members competitive golf fixtures and social events and for such expenditures as benefit the Members. The Leatherhead Club shall consider and decide on the implementation of such a contribution. Administration of the Members’ Fund is the responsibility of the Competition Committee and the Honorary Treasurer who shall present details of the Members’ Fund and proposed charge for the following year to the Competition Committee.
    • The Club Captain shall chair the Competition Committee and in his absence the Competition Committee shall elect its own Chairman. The Chairman shall have the casting vote.
    • The quorum at a meeting of the Competition Committee shall be three.
    • The members of the Competition Committee shall be elected annually. The names of Members recommended for these duties, who must have been Members of the Club for two years, duly proposed and seconded shall be posted on the notice board twenty one days before the meeting they are elected. The method of election is at the discretion of the Competition Committee.
    • The Leatherhead Club may appoint, or retire any member of the elected Competition Committee at its sole discretion at any time.
    • There may, at the discretion of the Leatherhead Club, be a President of the Club appointed by election of the Members who continues in office for two years. The Leatherhead Club may retire any President of the Club at any point at its sole discretion.
    • Subject to the decision of the Leatherhead Club, any candidate who wishes to become a Member (‘Prospective Member’) must be proposed by a Member in good standing and seconded by a Member in good standing (‘Proposers’). Each of the Proposers must have known the Prospective Member for no less than two years immediately preceding the date of the application.
    • The Prospective Member shall send a completed application form to the Director of Golf or as otherwise communicated to the Prospective Member by the Leatherhead Club from time to time.
    • The Director of Golf may, in his absolute discretion, invite the Prospective Member for a preliminary interview. Following the interview, the Prospective Member may be admitted as a Member for a probationary period, such period shall last for three calendar months (‘Probationary Membership’).
    • A Prospective Member, when approved for Membership or probationary Membership shall be given notice of the fact and be provided with a copy of these Rules. Such Membership or probationary Membership will only begin on the date the Subscription (together with any other Fees) is paid in accordance with these Rules.
    • During the Probationary Membership the candidate must:
      • play a round of golf with a nominated representative of either the Leatherhead Club or the Competition Committee; and
      • obtain a handicap by returning the required amount of cards, at least three.
    • The Leatherhead Club may waive the requirement in paragraph 5 in its sole discretion.
    • During the period of Probationary Membership candidates with an official handicap may enter all competitions hosted by the Leatherhead Club but are not allowed to receive any trophies.
    • The Director of Golf may terminate the Prospective Member’s membership at any stage during the Probation Period in his absolute discretion and such decision shall not be capable of appeal. If this occurs the Leatherhead Golf Club shall refund any Subscription which relates to any time after the date of termination.
    • The Director of Golf may at his discretion upon request of a Member change such a Member from one category of Membership to another but there shall be no refund of Subscription, levy or entrance fees.
    • The Director of Golf shall be responsible for maintaining the proper standard of behavior and dress of members on the Leatherhead Club property and on the Course.
    • The Director of Golf may reprimand or suspend any Member (or guest of a Member) whose conduct shall in the Director of Golf’s absolute opinion be injurious to the character or interests of the Leatherhead Club, any Members or to the interest of the Director of Golf.
    • A suspended Member shall forfeit all rights and privileges under the Rules but shall remain liable to pay their Subscription during the period of suspension.
    • The Leatherhead Club shall be under no obligation to repay to any Member who has been suspended his Subscription, levy or entrance fee or any part thereof.
    • Any decision to terminate any Member’s membership shall be made by the Leatherhead Club in accordance with paragraph 20.
    • Guests may be introduced as visitors by a Member or by the Director of Golf. Members must accompany and shall at all times be responsible for the dress and behavior of their guests in the Clubhouse and shall procure that all visitors and guests adhere to these Rules as if they were Members.
    • Guests may be introduced by a Member or by the Director of Golf upon payment of a Green Fee, but no person may be introduced more than four times in any calendar year and not more than three such Guests per day may be introduced by any Member.
    • Members must accompany and be responsible for the behavior and etiquette of their guests in the Clubhouse and on the Course and shall procure that all guests adhere to these Rules as if they were Members.
    • Other guests of the Leatherhead Club may use the Course from time to time on payment of a Green Fee and the Members must adhere to these Rules in relation to these visitors as they would to other Members.
    • In no instance shall the conduct of any staff at the Leatherhead Club be made a matter of personal reprimand by any Member. Complaints may be made by any person including a competitor, Member or visiting guests pursuant to paragraph 7.
    • It is the duty of Members to keep the Director of Golf informed of their contact details and no liability is accepted for any contact details held by the club which are out of date.
    • The Leatherhead Club accepts no responsibility or liability for any money property or valuables lost or stolen from the Leatherhead Club’s premises or car park. Members and visitors use the car park entirely at their own risk.
    • No placard or notice shall be displayed anywhere in the Course without the consent of the Leatherhead Club. Any formal and/or written notices or communications must be addressed to the Director of Golf. Notices addressed to the Director of Golf shall be deemed to be received by the Leatherhead Club:
      • where sent by email: [email protected]
      • where sent by post: The Leatherhead Club, Kingston Road Leatherhead KT22 0EE
    • Please note the Director of Golf is not authorised to accept service of court documents and service of any proceedings must be addressed to the directors of the Leatherhead Club at their registered office, set out at the start of these Rules.
    • The Course and the Clubhouse shall be opened and closed daily at such hour as the Leatherhead Club may from time to time determine.
    • The Leatherhead Club reserves the right to close the greens, practice facilities and/or the Course and/or any part of the Course in full or in part or otherwise to restrict access to any part of the Leatherhead Club at its sole discretion. This may happen at any time without notice, on a temporary basis which may be for an extended period time, due to inclement weather, repair, maintenance, development, alterations or another other reason determined by the Leatherhead Club in their sole discretion.
    • The Rules and Etiquette of Golf, as adopted from time to time by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, will be observed on the course. These will be subject to such local rules as the Leatherhead Club, as advised by the Competition Committee, may make and display in the notice board and Members’ locker room from time to time.
    • To enter a competition, Members must satisfy the entry criteria set by the Competition Committee.
    • All Members upon allocation of a handicap will be eligible to win any of the regular weekend and Wednesday competitions.
    • The Captain and President shall have courtesy of being offered the first tees on any competition they choose to participate in.
    • Members must observe the rules for their category of membership for being eligible for playing in competitions.
    • All entry fees for competitions must be paid before commencing play.
    • All starting times allocated in competitions must be strictly adhered to.
    • Local rules for the Course and other competitions are displayed on the scorecard and any additional ones will be on the club notice boards.
  18. COURSE
    • The Leatherhead Club is in no way responsible for the engagement or payment of caddies.
    • Any clothing or other belongings left in the Clubhouse may be removed, and if not claimed within two weeks, disposed of at the discretion of the Leatherhead Club.
    • No persons, other than a Member, or the staff of the Leatherhead Club, may look for balls on the course.
    • No practice shall be carried out on any part of the Course other than at specially designated areas from time to time.
    • Notices in regard to dress regulations are displayed in the Clubhouse to which all Members must conform. It is the responsibility of Members to ensure that their guests also conform to such standards. In the absence of any notice to the contrary the dress code will be ‘smart casual’.
    • Mobile telephones are permitted in the Clubhouse, on the patio and its surrounds, provided they are used discreetly. They should not be used anywhere on the Course other than for assisting with the game of golf and emergencies. At all times on the Course phones must be on silent mode.
    • Members must respect one another’s privacy and Members are strictly forbidden to take any pictures or videos inside the Clubhouse. This is especially important as certain Members have a substantial public presence. Any attempt to take any form of photograph in the Clubhouse or in the premises which constitute the Leatherhead Club may result in immediate expulsion from the premises and termination of their Membership.
    • Except as otherwise permitted by the Director of Golf from time to time, the Leatherhead Club shall be the sole provider of food and beverages at the Leatherhead Club’s premises, and persons shall not be allowed to bring their own food or beverages for consumption.
    • All Members and their guests must adhere to the directions given to them by any course marshal, member of staff or Director of Golf.
    • Members must observe the rules and etiquette of the game of golf. All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game. All Members must book a tee time in order to play and no Member may play on the Course without having booked a tee time.
    • If any Member books a tee time and fails to arrive on time or within 10 minutes of the booked time, without providing notice prior to the booked tee time that Member will receive a warning and a suspension in their ability to book a tee time for one week. Any member who receives two warnings in any three week period shall be suspended from booking a tee time for two weeks. Any member who receives three warnings in a two month period shall be suspended from booking a tee time for one month and may, at the discretion of the Leatherhead Club, have their membership terminated.
    • Every Member is responsible for seeing that they have adequate insurance whilst playing the course. Details can be obtained from the Director of Golf.
    • Any member damaging the Course, surroundings or any personal possessions shall be liable to make good the damage caused and the Leatherhead Club accepts no responsibly or liability for any damage caused. Any members seen leaving and not repairing their divots /pitch marks on the greens will be given a warning.  Three warnings to a single Member within any period of six months will result in the Leatherhead Club terminating that Member’s membership with immediate effect.  The Leatherhead Club asks members to please repair all divots /pitch marks that they see whether or not they have been made by that Member themselves.
    • Any professionals engaged by the Leatherhead Club and their staff have priority on certain parts of the practice area for the purpose of giving tuition.
    • All persons using the practice areas must conform to the rules displayed on the notice at that area from time to time.
    • All persons playing the Course must have their own set of clubs exclusively for his or her own use.
    • Dogs are not allowed on the Course at any time.
    • When trolleys are banned because of Course condition there are no exceptions to this rule.
    • Buggies are only allowed on the Course at certain times subject to written permission from the Director of Golf.
    • The White Tees are solely for Member use.
    • Practicing on any part of the Course with more than two balls is forbidden.
    • The public has a right of way on the path which goes across the sixteenth fairway, and Members must not play from this tee until the path is clear. This path is clearly defined by posts and Members should tactfully point out to members of the public if they have strayed from the path.
    • Avoid slow play, apply Ready Golf principles and allow other golfers to play through as appropriate, waving the following group through when searching for lost balls and maintaining the speed of play by keeping up with the group in front.
    • Demonstrate fair play both on and off the Course
    • Conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner and do not knowingly cheat, disrespect staff, Members or guests of Members.
    • The Clubhouse shall be open daily in such hours as determined by the Leatherhead Club from time to time.
    • The Leatherhead Club in conformity with the rules laid down by the relevant laws concerning alcohol licensing shall decide the manner and hours for the sale of alcoholic liquor in the Clubhouse. The Leatherhead Club will not tolerate any attempt by any Member attempting to solicit or bribe any staff to keep the bar open beyond its stated hours and any attempt may result in termination of that Member’s membership. The Leatherhead Club may refuse to sell alcohol to any Member who is visibly intoxicated.
    • No golf clubs shall be brought into the Clubhouse other than the locker rooms.
    • No spiked shoes or any shoes which have been worn on the Course may be worn in the Clubhouse other than in the locker rooms and golfer’s entrance.
    • No dogs other than guide dogs shall be allowed in the Clubhouse.
    • Children are welcome. However, please be conscious of noise and other Members’ quiet enjoyment of the Course and facilities.  Children must be supervised at all times and must not run inside the Clubhouse.
    • Dress in the Clubhouse – details of any regulations are displayed in the locker rooms and other areas and in the absence of any notice to the contrary the dress code will be ‘smart casual’. Any Member or guest who does not meet this standard may be politely told to change.
    • No Members are allowed to bring food or drink, which has not been purchased from the Leatherhead Club, into the Clubhouse for their own consumption. On certain days the refreshment hut alongside the ninth tee will be opened and all items purchased must be paid for at that time.
    • Members, guests and visitors are reminded that:
      • any form of discrimination, harassment or intimidation is regarded as unacceptable behavior; and
      • the use of foul or abusive language such as swearing has no place in the Clubhouse or the Course and any member heard using unacceptable or offensive language will be asked to either stop or leave the premises. Where someone is noticed to be consistently using bad language after being warned then their Membership may be terminated.
    • Smoking or the use of cigarettes is not permitted within any of the Course or Clubhouse other than at specifically designated areas. E-cigarettes are not allowed in the clubhouse.
    • The taking of illegal substances anywhere on the Leatherhead Club’s premises will incur immediate termination of that Member’s membership.
    • The Leatherhead Club may terminate the membership of any Member who is found to be, in the absolute opinion of the Leatherhead Club, in breach of these Rules. The Leatherhead Club’s decision to terminate and their opinion as to whether the Member is or is not in breach of the Rules is final and not capable of appeal.
    • Any failure or delay by Leatherhead Club in exercising a right to terminate a Member’s membership under this agreement shall not be a waiver of that right.
    • The Leatherhead Club at its sole discretion may terminate the membership of any Member whose name shall be published as a bankrupt or who shall be the subject of criminal conviction.
    • On termination of membership there shall be no refund of any monies paid on account of the membership (including any Subscription) and the Member may not attend any part of the Course or premises owned by the Leatherhead Club, including to retrieve their belongings from the Clubhouse and the locker room. The Director of Golf will arrange for a time for the Member to collect their property from his office.
    • Renewal of any Members membership at the end of the then current 12-month period is at the absolute discretion of the Leatherhead Club and their decision is final and not capable of appeal.